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Reptile Mogul Exotics (formerly Reptiles & Reefs) is a retail reptile shop located in Tempe, Arizona. It is my goal to supply Tempe (and one day all of Arizona) with top notch animals at a great price. I also have feeders with the best prices in town. I breed my own rodents and have a big supply of Rats, Mice, and even African Soft Furred Rats (ASF) in all sizes. I have live, frozen and I can even humanely pre-kill the rodents if needed.

I am in the process of putting together an exhibit of native Arizona rattlesnakes. I want to have a safe place for people of all ages to come and learn about the different species of rattlers found in Arizona, and explain that when given space and respect they are not a threat to our everyday lives.

Come in and check out the shop. I can answer any questions and concerns you may have. I will help the best I can or direct you to a great reliable source to help. I also invite you to browse our online store. We offer most of the items we sell in the store, as well as special internet deals.

-Jared Ohsman, Owner


Day Gecko

If you're looking for the best deals in town, the finest reptiles from reputable breeders, and the highest quality feeders you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to be here as an information outlet for all your reptile needs, to supply great animals, feeders, and dry goods.

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I am selling my 3 year old female bearded dragon named Richie. She comes with her 60 gallon glass tank with the safety sand and everything in the tank. She doesn't bite. She hasn't ever bit me or any body else. She's very calm and loves to be pet and held. She is very good with kids, adults, and animals. The reason why I'm selling her is because I have no time to spend time with her, hold her, or pet her. I would love for her to go to a great home with people that will spend time with her. I have spent over 900 dollars including everything and her, but you only need to get her food. I think $300 dollars is a reasonable price. Message me for more pictures and to contact me. Thank you! It comes with... Big water bowl Salad bowl Worm tray/bowl Real stone cave/hind Sugar skull decoration Stepping stones decoration Real wood log Decoration log/basking spot Cleaning spray for the tank Calcium for worms, crickets, and roaches Adult bearded dragon pellet food to mix with salad Tongs Pooper scooper Container for the products 3 lamps for heating 100 watt basking light 50 watt night light Plastic container for feeding bearded dragon crickets Adjustable lamp holders - Korbin (Customer)
Do you have any baby iguanas? - Brittany (Customer)
Im looking for a breeding trio of ASF's how do I order them - Melody (Customer)
We're putting frozen on sale bulk orders only. Guaranteed to meet or beet any competition! Message me an order and where you need to be cost wise and we'll talk. Just for a teaser 100 jumbo rats only $250.00! 100 medium $200.00 , 100 count small $165.00 THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Also all glass tanks are 20% off. All carpets 20% off. All kings 20% off. All boas 25% off All balls 25-40% off! All leopard geckos 30% off again THIS WEEKEND ONLY! If you're Into the rhinos I have there 8 years old and I'm asking $1750 for the virgin pair. There perfect. The males a bit cranky.. Argentine tegu only $300.00 he's about 2.5' needs socialization. Cypress only $20 a bag buy 10 get 2 free! - Reptile (Customer)
Bulk frozen rats on special %50 off regular price for purchases totalling over $100 - Reptile (Customer)
Free ticket to serpentarium with $10 purchase! - Reptile (Customer)
Male ball pythons on special! $20.00ea or free with setup! - Reptile (Customer)
Do you have any Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty) slings? What are they going for? - John (Customer)
What is the fee for the serpentarium on weekends? - Sharon (Customer)
Do you have any Crested Geckos available for sale? - Amanda (Customer)