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Reptile Mogul Exotics (formerly Reptiles & Reefs) is a retail reptile shop located in Tempe, Arizona. It is my goal to supply Tempe (and one day all of Arizona) with top notch animals at a great price. I also have feeders with the best prices in town. I breed my own rodents and have a big supply of Rats, Mice, and even African Soft Furred Rats (ASF) in all sizes. I have live, frozen and I can even humanely pre-kill the rodents if needed.

I am in the process of putting together an exhibit of native Arizona rattlesnakes. I want to have a safe place for people of all ages to come and learn about the different species of rattlers found in Arizona, and explain that when given space and respect they are not a threat to our everyday lives.

Come in and check out the shop. I can answer any questions and concerns you may have. I will help the best I can or direct you to a great reliable source to help. I also invite you to browse our online store. We offer most of the items we sell in the store, as well as special internet deals.

-Jared Ohsman, Owner


Day Gecko

If you're looking for the best deals in town, the finest reptiles from reputable breeders, and the highest quality feeders you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to be here as an information outlet for all your reptile needs, to supply great animals, feeders, and dry goods.

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All of our glass enclosures are 25% off regular price!! We also have a pile of used tanks that are $1 per gallon or less! More sales too MUST come in to see the rest! Don't miss out!! First come first serve! - Reptile (Customer)
Hey everyone! Just picked up a collection of single gene balls. Almost all breed able females and a few males and pairs. Many proven breeders. ALL priced to sell. Discounts on multiples only! All are at the shop for you to come check out in person NO pics. ALL are first come first serve. Here's the list!! 0.18 normal females all proven $60ea 2-4 $50ea 5 or more $40ea 2.0 lemon pastels $50ea 0.11 lemon pastels $70ea, 2-4 $60ea, 5 or more $50ea 0.9 spiders $70ea, 2-4 $60ea, 5 or more $50ea 0.3 orange ghosts proven $100ea 0.4 cinnamon proven $80ea or 2+ @ $65ea 0.1 RED Pewter $300 1.1 pewter het RED $250 for the pair 1.0 pastel het RED, 0.1 het RED $175 for the pair 0.3 Fire $100ea 0.3 lesser proven $100ea 0.1 butter $120 0.1 vanilla proven $100ea 3.5 het ghost from a vanilla ghost pairing $40ea 0.1 het orange ghost proven $50 0.3 pastel het orange ghost $75ea 0.2 spider het orange ghost $75ea 0.2 het Carmel albino both for $90 0.1 het lavender $50 0.4 het albino all 4 for $120 0.4 het pieds all 4 for $120 0.1 black pastel proven $80 0.1 Mojave proven $120 0.1 calico $150 1.0 citrus ghost $60 0.1 pin $80 - Reptile (Customer)
Hey everyone! We are running a special on frozen rats this week. All sizes available while they last. Minimum order of 50 rats to get these prices may mix and match sizes must mention this add. Sale ends when we run out! PM orders please I rarely check on posts etc. Or stop in were open Tuesday thru Saturday 11-7 Sunday's noon to 5. I've had alot of questions about food and we feed a specialized diet to insure the best quality feeders available! Live available also. $0.65 ea on pinkies $0.75 ea on fuzzies $1.00 ea on smalls $1.25 on mediums $1.75 on larges $2.25 on jumbo $2.75 on giants Not to mention a shop full of supplies and hundreds of reptiles!! - Reptile (Customer)
Hey u said u would have a bunch a pythons coming when was that again ? - Adam (Customer)
Big sales on hedgehogs for the next week only! Too many sales to list! On some supplies too! - Reptile (Customer)
Were are you located? - Gina (Customer)
Hey Everyone! The Serpentarium is now OPEN weekends. Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-4 email for private tours by appointment. We also have several rescues in shop for a small donation. All rescue donations go directly back to caring for more rescues! - Reptile (Customer)
i should have came here.... but ill b in today. but iam wandering if ill b able to find something to go in my tank - Teka (Customer)
Ok.... I know you are a reptile guy.... But that seems reasonably close to insects to me.... Soooooo.... I found this lil jerk on my hot tub..... He is really quite scary looking and I have a feeling he would kill if given the chance. Any idea what he is?? BTW I have AAA pest control on speed dial as I am terrified of spiders. They treated twice in the last month:/ any thoughts would be much appreciated. THX!!!! - Kristin (Customer)
Hi everyone! We're working on getting the serpentarium back open regular hours as soon as possible. Know in advance that the door fee/donations all go directly back into the serpentarium for food, care, enclosures, and acquiring new specimens and care for rescues. We accept cash donations of all sizes. We also accept animal and supply donations. If anything is resold all proceeds go directly back into the serpentarium. We have accepted a few restricted species and left the donator anonymous. This ends up best for all. We DO NOT ask anyone to collect anything for us. We are willing to help animals already in captivity or captive born. We just don't need any more wild caught for us. For all donations please email me at - Reptile (Customer)